How to get to Ilulissat?

You can fly to Ilulissat and there are two airlines flying to our beautiful town.

Air Greenland: This is our national airline and the fly out of Copenhagen with daily flights during the summer and 4 times a week in the winter season. Going to Ilulissat you have to change flight in Kangerlussuaq.

Air Iceland: If you come from Iceland you find direct flights to Ilulissat. Air Iceland fly daily in the summer and soon you will find flights during the winter time as well. Check their website.

How do I get to Ilulissat Guesthouse from the airport?

Getting to Ilulissat Guesthouse is easy! If you come by flight it is a beautiful 6 km walk, however most people take a taxi. You will find taxis right outside the airport and the price for a ride should be around DKK 130,- for one way.

If you need to call a taxi in Ilulissat the number is 00299 – 944 944

What is the price for food in Greenland?

We have many supermarkets in Ilulissat where you can buy most of the things you can get back home. The prices are a bit more expensive than in Europe due to high transport costs in the Arctic.

You can also buy fresh fish from the local fishermen at the town square or at the harbour.

Alcohol is expensive in the supermarket, so it is a good idea to buy your tax-free goods flying to Greenland.

If you don´t want to cook you own food, don´t worry! There are nice restaurants and cafe´s in town.

How do I book tours in Ilulissat?

There are different tour operators in town offering everything from boat tours, hikes to dogsledge.

We also have our own tour desk and offer our own tours in the Disco Bay area and we work with the best people in town, so booking tours with us is also your guarantee to explore the area the best way. Please check all excursion and book online here:

We recommend to book your tours in advance as tours book up fast in the high season and logistic is a bit more challeging in this part of the world.

When is the best time to visit Ilulissat?

Every months is different and beautiful in its own way in Greenland, but here is our recommendation to the seasons:

November – January
These are the dark months in Ilulissat and the sun does not get above the horizon from 15th. November till 13th. January, but we still have daylight. This month you can experience beautiful Polar nights and northern light, we offer boat tours and shorter dogsledge tours. Christmas time is special in Greenland with lots of light in peoples windows and New Year offers firework you would not believe to find on these latitudes. 13th. January the town walks to Holms Hill and greet the sun back. A great time if you want to experience the dark months and pretty much have the place to yourself!

These are the best months for winter activities. We have lots of daylight and beautiful Polar nights with the chance to see northern light. We run all winter activity tours such as boat trips, dogsledge, snow show hikes, snow mobile etc.

The days are getting longer and the midnight sun is back at the end of May. Sometimes we still have winter in May and snow in the beginning of June. This is spring time in Greenland. The Kangia glacier starts moving again and the ice is melting fast in the deep fiords. We run tours, but it all depends on the conditions.

This is high season in Greenland! We have midnight sun till the end of July, the tundra and back country is beautiful with flowers and berries. The glaciers are moving fast and the scenery is amazing. The temperatures are usually nice and warm, and you actually have days where you can wear your t-shirt and shorts. All tours run during these months. Book early as rooms in town are hard to find during these months!

End of August and September are beautiful! We have lots of daylight and beautiful fall colours, lots of berries in the mountains….and the mosquitos are gone. You can also experience northern light at the end of August and sometimes we have the first snow in September.

Winter is back. Usually we have snow and usually dogsledge is possible. We still have nice day light and fine polar nights with good chances of seeing northern light. You can hike, take boat trips, visit small settlements and more during these months. You will not see many other tourist for these months.

Please note:
Like anywhere else in the world these years, we see climate changing and the season can vary from year to year. Some years we have very hard winters, lots of snow, other years we get little snow and even have days with plus degrees. 

Imaq is the Greenland word, meaning maybe and is often used as traveling in Greenland means adapting to the current conditions.

Also Northern light all depends on the activity from the sun and a clear sky and is never a guarantee.





All you need to know about travelling to Ilulissat?

Travelling to Greenland is an adventure, and it is somewhat different than most places around the world. Here we have gathered all information about travelling to Greenland and Ilulissat. Find information about how to get to Greenland, and how to get around. Also how to book tours and how to most of your stay in Ilulissat.

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