About us

We are a dedicated team who have been living and working in Greenland for many years! Greenland is in our blood and we love to share our passion with you.

Beside running our lovely guesthouse we do tours all around Greenland, so if you need help to organize your Greenland Adventure outside Ilulissat, have a look at our other company “Arctic Friend” .

We look forward to welcome you in Ilulissat.

Ilulissat Guesthouse staff

Our Vision

Is to give our guests a unique experience in Greenland, where you can experience the untouched nature and culture first hand.

We hope you will enjoy the laid back feeling of our place. You won´t find any TV in our Guesthouse, but don´t worry there is plenty to look at! Look out the window and you will see icebergs, colors changing in the sky, maybe you will see northern light or whales swimming by.

Here you find time to think your thoughts, share your travel stories with fellow travellers, and take a break far away from the hectic world outside the Arctic.

Our Fantastic Team

Kasper Trojlsgaard

Owner & guide

Kasper has been traveling and guiding the world all his life and have been living and working in Greenland for two decades. Opening the guesthouse was an old dream, where guest from around the world could meet, go on tours or simply just relax at our place enjoying the great view over the Disko Bay.

Maja Lundblad

Host and chef

Maja was born in Ilulissat and local by heart! Maja loves to go out in the back country of Ilulissat to pick flowers, plants and berries which she can use for cooking. Food is her great passion and she has worked as kitchen chef various places. We offer dine with the locals and here you get to meet Majas family and taste the local kitchen while you talk about life in Ilulissat.

Casper Devantier

Guide & sales

Casper Devantier has a master degree in Sport Science and Sport Psychology from University of Copenhagen, but for more than 12 years he has travelled the world – as a guide as well as independently. It is however, Greenland that is his special passion and therefore he relishes in helping you to get the most out of your time in Greenland! He has guided dog sledge trips, whale safari’s and trekking trips in Greenland. Casper is mainly situated at our head office in Copenhagen when he is not chasing dogs and entertaining our guests in Greenland and in the guesthouse.