Kayak tours

Kayak tours

The kayak is invented in Greenland and has been used for more than a thousand years for hunting and traveling the coast of Greenland. It is also a great way to experience the nature the inuit way! The tours we offer in the Disko Bay can be done by beginners and safety is our highest priority! On our tours you will first get an introduction to the equipment and how to use it.  Only the best equipment is used for these tours by our local partner and you will go with an experienced guide.

We offer two tours around Ilulissat from 3 hours to a full day of kayaking. If you want a kayak holiday for 1-2 weeks in Greenland please call our Copenhagen office 0045-76100070.

Kayak under the midnight sun

On of the best way to end your day in Ilulissat is joing our midnight sun kayak tour. After introduction and gearing up we enter the water from the local kayak club and head out towards some of the smaller ice peaces in the bay. We will padle along the coast line, maybe explore a cave while we enjoy the midnight sun reflecting against the ice.

Price per person DKK 1.595,-

Kayak from the small settlement Oqaatut

This is one of our favorite tours in the Disko Bay! We start our in the morning by taking a boat 18 km north of Ilulissat where we enter a bay and the charming town Oqaatut. This small settlement used to be an old Dutch whaling town and still you can see whales being landed on the rocked beach by the local hunters. Today only 40 people lives in this “bygd” most of them living from fishing and hunting. Here you will find no roads or cars, only the simple living of the settlement. After a walk around Oqaatut we will prepare for our kayak adventure. First we hold an orientation meeting of the activity and how to use the equipment, then we will gear up and continue learning kayak skills. After safety procedures we will paddle out of the bay and go on an iceberg safari, however we will keep a safe distance to the larger once. We will explore the coast line and some bays along the way where we will do brief stops and talk about the things we see. We also do a talk about whales and if we are lucky we will see some from our kayaks. Back in Oqaatut we will have a nice local lunch before heading back to Ilulissat by boat.

Price per person DKK 2.950,-