WILDERNESS HUT (Summer only)

Are you looking for a remote and unique overnight during your visit to Ilulissat? We offer a real wilderness experience in our Diskobay hut. The hut is located in Bredebugt, approx. 20 km north of Ilulissat – a wonderful area for fishing, collecting berries and in general enjoying the arctic wilderness. We have done our best to keep the hut as traditional as possible, meaning you will all stay in the same room, cooking, eating and sleeping side by side. We provide sleeping bags and 1 way boat transfer as part of your stay. The toilet is a dry toilet, located in a small toilet cabin on the bagside of the house.

You will be responsible for all catering your self (we recommend you bring food from Ilulissat) and you can prepare it in the hut, where you will have a gas stove/oven at your disposal. There is no electricity but in summer time the days are long and lamps are provided.


Prices per night:

  • Rent hut for private for 1 night
    • DKK 3.000,- (up to 2 pax)
    • Transfer oneway is included
  • Extra persons in the hut (up to 4 extra)
    • DKK 850,-  per person
    • Transfer oneway is included
  • Extra night in the hut (up to 6 pax)
    • DKK 1.800,-  per night.
  • Return transfer from the hut is optional
    • DKK 500,- per person.